Ato Thorne

PC Baron of Kunaden.


Pre-campaign background:

Inciting Incident:
Ato Thorne has moved into the Kunadan province on a dare given by his fellow Falcon friends. Falcon families have been attempting to hold the province ever since a great tragedy occurred there 50 years ago when the inhabitants mysteriously disappeared.

Ato has secured the province for the space of a week, making him the longest holding Falcon since the original founders. But Ato doesn’t just want to prove himself to last the longest, he wants to resettle the land and hopefully become the famous count who conquered the land of Kunadan.

Upon the seventh night of residence in Kunadan, Ato had planned to meet with Baroness Lillian Venetia, a well-known merchant in Siregrad that was to help Ato establish trade with an international trader named Fraid Austram. Except she never arrived. Upon giving up on the rendezvous Ato and his wife, Dara Thorne, discovered that their eldest child and daughter, Maurevel Thorne, was missing from the castle.

A search is conducted to locate her and she is found early the next morning, her nightgown torn and drenched in blood. As well as her two main fingers on her left hand having been turned into gold.


Ato Thorne

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